Thanks for stopping by! We are a boutique eCommerce and digital marketing consulting agency with over 10 years of experience in both luxury and mass marketed beauty and lifesyle brands. We specialize in eCommerce operations optimization and training and digital marketing strategy. 

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About Us

JMS Digital Consulting Team

The founder

Lead by Janae Strange, a well-versed veteran of the digital industry, JMS Digital Consulting will help your online business create and maintain internal strategies and external campaigns that grow with your business.

The history

Founded in 2015, JMS Digital Consulting serves brands aiming to create, maintain and expand their digital presence. From inception to execution, our consultants are the driving force behind many successful online businesses...

The mission

JMS Digital Consulting was created to combine our passion for ecommerce and digital marketing with your love for your brand. Offering eCommerce consulting services, digital marketing strategy or simply advice, we are here to see you succeed. 

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